Cryptocurrency is a very popular means of saving and increasing capital. At the same time, digital money is connected with many threats, among which the basic one would be fraud. Among the most common are hacking wallets and stealing identities. A lot of people use cold wallets from Ledger to secure their capital. This is the most reliable way to store access to cryptocurrency assets offline.

The Ledger App for PC is designed to make the cold wallet funds very easy to manage. This is fairly unique software that aims in making it possible for one to have digital savings which are very convenient. Installing the Ledger App onto your computer opens up the possibilities for doing extraordinary things: to manage your account; to carry out massive transactions; to trade your coins and, even money, for crypto.

Key Features of Ledger App for PC


First of all, it is worth saying that Ledger App is a universal platform that could run at the top of PC operating systems: Linux, MacOS, and Windows. At the same time, download files are made for installation on smartphones and tablets in order to have portable access to your assets. The software was developed to work with hardware wallets created by Ledger—Stax, Nano S, and Nano X. They are physically connected to the computer through a USB connector.

Having combined a hardware wallet and the Ledger Live app, it became possible to achieve the maximum possible degree of protection for cryptocurrency funds. In the meantime, the software itself is designed quite simply and clearly; controlling it does not bring any difficulties with it for which preparation or in-depth study is needed. Besides, the developers do much to provide a lot of educational content that will help you quickly join in the world of digital currencies.

This application itself is of a two-level protection profile, and the software is decentralized, which means that nothing about data or access to some network resources gets stored on the online network. The applications installed on different PCs do not have mutual synchronization but use their own PIN codes and passwords.

Where to download Ledger App for PC

Some steps should be followed to download Ledger App for PC in order to ensure security and legitimacy of the software:

The app can only be downloaded from the official website of Ledger. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install Ledger App for PC:

Open your web-browser and navigate to the official Ledger website:

Look for the heading 'Applications' and proceed to the Downloads section on the site's Home page.

Download to download the app version for your operating system: Windows, macOS and Linux. The download will begin automatically after you click the corresponding button. Notice that there is a strict prohibition on using sources of the third party or links without verification—in other words, it's forbidden to download the Ledger app for PC. In all probability, such resources and sites are created to fish wallets or personal data in order for their funds to be stolen. For this reason, before installing, you need to verify the downloaded file for authenticity and non-presence of malware.

Install Ledger App for PC

The installation of Ledger Live is different for each operating system. In order to simplify the process, developers provide some extra guidance with each step. To reduce the number of issues and problems that may arise, one should run through the details on how to install software on a computer running the specific type of operating system:


You get as far as downloading Windows installation files from the Ledger website.

Open your downloads folder and find the file win.exe.

Double-click the win.exe file to install.

Sometimes during the time of system installation, the system needs more parameters which one is supposed to affirm;

Please ensure that you answer all the prompts, or the application will not work as expected.

Click on "Finish" to finalize the installation.



In the downloaded Ledger App folder, find the archive and extract it:

When the content becomes accessible, you should open a file with the .dmg extension;

Drag and Drop the Ledger Live icon to the Applications folder

Search for the software through either Spotlight or Launchpad and let it install on your PC.

From now, you can start using the platform.


The installation is done through a graphical interface or shell command line;

you can then open the downloaded file and automatically follow the on-screen instructions;

Terminal installation: sudo dpkg -i ledger_live.deb for Ubuntu and Debian command lines;

For RedHat/Fedora, you will have to write sudo rpm -i ledger_live.rpm.4

When failures appear at a certain stage of the software installation, you have to reconsider the algorithm of actions and the compliance of the PC parameters with the established requirements. This software will need not less than 2 GB of RAM and at least 100 MB of free hard disk space for proper work. In addition, the OS version also makes a difference regarding the software's operation from Windows 10, macOS 10.10, Linux: Ubuntu 16.10, Fedora 28, Debian 9.6.

Benefits of Ledger App for PC

Cryptocurrency wallet management software gives its numerous benefits to users, as more than 4 million of them from all the 180 countries confirm. To confirm the authority and popularity of the software, it is necessary to specify the following key advantages:

Introduction of hardware wallet integration will give the software very high security. At the same time, access keys are stored in an isolated environment, which ensures high security for the assets.

The application itself has an interactive interface that can be easily worked through, even by users who don't have any experience.

It supports more than 200 tokens and blockchains. That way, you can store various types of coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and many others.

Ledger Live integrates real-time market updates, letting users maintain a dynamic view of the changes in their portfolio's value and associated trends. You can know what you own and markets at any given time—extremely important for active traders.

The app will provide educational resources to enable users to gain a deeper understanding of the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. This is written in the form of a guide with detailed video tutorials on the subject, which could be equally beneficial for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Data is stored on a hardware wallet and a specific device, leading to decentralization while reducing the risk of hacking and data loss.

The developers of Ledger regularly release updates with improvements in the addition of new features and enhancement of security.

Users are notified of new versions, ensuring that they always apply the latest technology without compromising new threats.

The app operates on most operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Android and iOS mobile versions also exist.

It also connects with third-party applications and services, such as DEX, Binance, and Lido, to expand their functionality.

These are the main advantages of applying it, and it should be noted that through this software, transactions or swaps, adoption and sending of coins can be made within the program. And in the technical support program menu, there are many options useful to apply.